Saturday, 12 May 2012

Wedding Anniversary

Today I'm celebrating 29 years of marriage to my husband Steve. 
We chose to have a low key wedding in our town hall registry office with a few close friends and family followed by a quiet meal in a restaurant. I remember Steve sat an exam at college on the morning of our wedding and I was so nervous when I was driving to the hairdressers that for a few split seconds I forgot how to drive! How scary is that? 
Note the padded shoulders - very fashionable at the time (honest).
 We forgot to take the money to pay the registry fee but luckily a relative saved the day and lent it to us!  To save money a friend took some photos for us and my cousin sent me flowers which I held as my bouquet. We didn't have a honeymoon but went away for a camping and walking holiday on Exmoor, North Devon later in the summer.
Our wedding cake was topped by an ornamental church which had been used on both my grandmothers and mothers wedding cake (not a very good copy of the photo unfortunately). 
For us it was a perfect, simple day shared with close family and friends - the only things I regret maybe looking back at the photos are the padded shoulders and the hat but at least it gives our children something to giggle at!


  1. Mum, you look beautiful and dad looks so happy! I think your cake is so elegant and tasty. I love the pattern of your dress and the collar is so vintage and I love your flower bouquet!
    - Becky Xx

  2. Hello sweet Jacqui, I wish you and your dear hubby a very happy anniversary!!! I enjoyed your post and lovely photos so much! You looked beautiful and I love your pretty dress, hat and flowers. You both look so very happy! The cake is beautiful. It is wonderful that you could use a topper that your grandmother and mother used on their wedding cakes! It sounds like the perfect day and your honeymoon trip sounds like so much fun. I am very happy for you sweetie and wish you and Steve all the best and many more very happy anniversaries to come! Much love, Paula xo

  3. Happy Anniversary!! You both look so happy!! I love your tradition of using your mom's and grandmom's wedding topper!
    Best, Chris

  4. Happy Anniversary Jacqui!! You look so pretty!!! Loved your wedding story, so fun!! Have a beautiful day!!! xo Heather

  5. Happy anniversary! Your wedding dress is fabulous! One thing I regret looking back at photos is not having fancier hair...

  6. Hi Jacqui: What a cute couple. You look so happy and I think your dress is darling, shoulder pads and all. Happy Anniversary. When I look back, I'll post someday, I can't think what my mom was thinking letting me get married in a black and grey tweed wool dress and a black hat. We went to Reno with just another couple, who we had stood up for the night before, and it was October and snowing. But, what was she thinking!!!Happy Anniversary and Happy Mum Day..Judy

  7. Happy Anniversary!
    Looks like you had the most wonderful day and life together. Lovely story.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  8. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog the other day and congrats on 29 years :)

    Sandra x

  9. Happy anniversary! Sounds like you remember every minute of your special day.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger