Monday, 14 May 2012

Dig, Dig, Dig!

It was so lovely to see the sun over the weekend after all the rain we've been having. Officially the wettest April on record in the UK and although many areas had their water restrictions lifted, here in the south east we are still officially in drought with a hose pipe ban! Unless with have a lot more rain we face even tougher restrictions next year - possibly even standpipes!
Luckily we had a dry spell on Friday so I was able to get to my allotment and do some digging. I cleared another stretch  of weedy ground and planted some more potatoes (second earlies and maincrop).
Back-breaking but satisfying work! 
Some of the flowers I planted last year (and more recently) have started to bloom. The Knapweed is already attracting the bees. 
 The French Lavender is flowering and the buds of the Chives have almost opened. 
 These are beautiful Globe Artichokes on the plot next door. I love their silvery-green, majestic leaves and the flowers are amazing when they open.
However much work there is to do, I always take a relaxing break for a cup of tea under my plum tree and enjoy the peace of my surroundings. Just by this spot I've planted some sweet peas so I can enjoy their scent when they flower.
This is a plant my Dad brought up from Devon for me on his last visit which he grew from seed. It is a double flowered variety of Greater Celandine from the poppy family. Quite unusual and very pretty.
 I was making the most of being in the garden at the weekend and as I was having a sort out I found this pot tucked away in the corner that used to have a Hosta in it. Although I lost the Hosta a few years ago, in its place has grown a fern and a ornamental grass. I think they work quite well together.
 My variegated Weigela has just started flowering. It usually blooms for weeks and the bees love the flowers. I spent a lot of time cutting out all the dead wood last year and pruning it back quite hard which sent up lots of new shoots.
 I picked up these lovely pansies last week for free with a voucher I was given.
This pot will go by my front door and hopefully in a few weeks will fill out and be a mass of flowers. 
Happy Gardening!


  1. You have a beautiful garden!! Glad the sun came out for you!! Sitting under the your plum tree with tea, sounds wonderful!! Have a great day! xo Heather

  2. What a lovely garden! And I especially love the pansies!

  3. All looks so lovely,you have been working hard.x

  4. Hi Jacqui: The Weigela is just beautiful. In fact everything is. Your allotment looks like it's full of good things..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  5. You have been busy! Great to see everything starting to flower.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Hi Jacqui - Your allotment looks great, I have never managed to dig a piece and get it so weed free and neat - I tend to lose interest on the way! I notice that your Acer is in fuller leaf than mine at the moment, but we are like you and still under drought conditions - it just seems so crazy - I have just been to the bank in our Market Town 2 miles down the road where although the wind was cold, the sun was shining, but when I got back we had obviously had a downpour here!

  7. Hello sweet Jacqui, It is always lovely to find a new post from you! Your allotment is beautiful and you have worked really hard! I am glad the sun came out and you could enjoy gardening. I hope there won't be anymore water restrictions there. We had a terrible drought last year and the heat was unbearable! The lake had been drained, but Adam was able to pump enough water to keep the David Austin roses going! :) Your photos are lovely and it is wonderful being able to see your work. The potato bed looks perfect and your flowers blooming are so pretty. I am glad you can enjoy having tea under your plum tree. It was so clever of you to plant the fragrant sweet peas near that spot. We have to plant sweet peas in November to bloom in the spring, but since I was at the Mayo Clinic having open-heart surgery I did not get to plant any. I plan to this autumn! :) I would love to see yours when they flower. I love the pretty plant your dear dad brought for you. How lovely he planted it from seed. How is your dad doing? I pray he is well and feeling better! I know you were so very happy to see him! I just love all of your beautiful flowers, especially those pansies! I am so glad they were free and you have some to take to your home too. They will fill out soon! Happy Gardening to you dearest! Much love, Paula xo