Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Ruskin Park

I was up in London last week and decided to pop into Ruskin Park as I had some time to spare before an appointment. The park gets its name from John Ruskin, the famous artist, writer and social campaigner, who lived nearby from 1823 - 1871.
There was a beautiful Wisteria walkway just dripping with sweet scented flowers.

I could have stayed there all day breathing in their perfume. 
 Lots of brightly coloured Rhododendrons. 
Lots of lovely mature trees with their fresh, green foliage.

 Amazing colours. 
In the distance are beds of bright blue forget-me-nots. 
 French Lavender in the foreground.

Canadian geese protectively watching over their young. 
So sweet!


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I love the edge stitches too, they're may favourite bit!

    Beautiful gardens, love the wisteria :)

    S x

  2. What great pictures! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hello sweet Jacqui, I am so happy you could enjoy visiting this beautiful garden and that you shared it! The wisteria is really stunning and I can imagine the wonderful fragrance! I love the bright colored Rhododendrons and the sweet forget~me~nots! There are so many of them, and very bright and cheerful too! I love the lavender and the adorable geese, especially the sweet babies! Have a beautiful day dearest! Love, Paula xo