Sunday, 6 May 2012

Potting Up

I had a peek at my 'Pom Pom' dahlia cuttings yesterday that I planted less than three weeks ago.

 Three out of two had rooted.
I potted these up individually, gave them a good water and put them back in my porch (uncovered).
 All three of the 'Sweetheart' Dahlia cuttings had rooted so I potted them up as well.
 They were drooping quite badly afterwards (maybe I should have left them to root a bit longer or it could have been that the cuttings were a little too big to begin with) but they recovered after being left to soak in water overnight.
Five extra plants for free!
It's been very hard to get much done on the allotment over the past week as the soil has been too wet to stand on so I've been finishing the pathway between my two plots.
I recycled some old timber planks for the borders, some old strips of carpet to suppress the weeds and topped it off with shredded bark that gets delivered free to the site. This should make it safer and easier to move around with the wheelbarrow.
I also made a start on clearing the second plot of rubbish and weeds. I'm thinking about taking the old fence down and either putting my bush roses here or a row of lavender maybe.
On the other hand I might just make a pond instead as we have rain forecast again for the coming week!
I hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend.  


  1. Hi Jacqui: You have been working hard. It is so nice that you have a spot for all your plants. I bet it will be beautiful when everything comes in..Happy Sunday..Judy

  2. Hello sweet Jacqui! I am always so happy when I see a post from you! Your plants and soil look very healthy. I am thrilled you got 5 extra plants for free. You are brilliant! I really love your allotment and the path looks fantastic. I get inspired reading all of your plans. I think rose bushes and lavender would be beautiful. Oh dear! More rain? I do hope it will clear away soon so you can enjoying getting your hands in that lovely soil! I don't know about you, but I love the feeling of digging with my hands in the garden. It is so rewarding to plant things and see them grow and bloom and in return reward us for our work. I look forward to seeing your progress. Much love! xo~Paula