Sunday, 29 April 2012

Summer Bunting

To chase the rain away and encourage the sun to come out I decided to make some colourful, summery bunting... 

 embellished with lace, trimmings, hand stitching and buttons.
 I've made up 12 sections of double sided bunting using 6 different fabrics, some old, some vintage.
 This is a lovely piece of vintage fabric with vintage lace both bought from charity shops.
I only have a small garden but we are planning to open it in the summer and serve afternoon teas 'vintage style'  to help with my eldest daughter's charity fund raising for Childreach International.
Her 'challenge' is to walk (parts of) the Great Wall of China in September. She's also decided to extend the trip and spend some time sightseeing which will be a fantastic experience for her.

I have only added decorations to one side of the bunting and have also left a few plain.

This is Cath Kidston fabric which I bought in the winter sale at 70% off. I love her fabrics but they are too expensive for me full price.
I need to pop to the sewing shop next week to buy some wide binding to finish the bunting off and then I'll hang it out in the SUN and take some photos to show you!
 This is my eldest daughter Emma (19) at her fund raising quiz night just before Easter. The paper bunting was made about 5 years ago from wrapping paper and string to decorate a hall for a birthday party and it's still going strong!
 I can't believe Emma has almost finished her first year at uni and will be back home with us in a few months time for the summer. She is studying Art & Psychology and is then planning to study and train as an Art Therapist. 


  1. Hi Jacqui: What a lovely family you have, and I love that bunting.I might make some for across the porch of my back garden..Happy Sunday..Judy

  2. Such a sweet summer bunting!! Love all your fabrics, and sweet laces!! Emma is so beautiful!! Have a great week!! xo Heather

  3. Hello sweet Jacqui, What a delightful post my lovely friend! I love bunting and yours is gorgeous! The fabrics and trims you used are so pretty! I can hardly wait to see it finished and hanging in the sun! I am glad you found the Cath Kidston fabrics for such a great price. I found some on ebay, but as you said, it was too expensive full price for me to purchase! Emma is beautiful! I know you are very proud of her! She is doing wonderful work and I think it is fantastic you are going to have vintage style afternoon tea's for her fund raising in your garden! I am so happy she is going to be able to go to China! That will be a wonderful experience for her. I am sure you can hardly wait for her to be home from the university this summer. Her work is a blessing and she is touching the lives of so many! The cakes look yummy and the paper bunting is lovely! Best wishes to Emma's fundraising efforts! I hope you have a beautiful, sunny week! Much love, Paula xoxo

  4. What lovely, lovely bunting. It's going to be adorable! Thanks for popping by a leaving a comment today btw :)

    Sandra x

  5. Oh my gosh, I love your bunting!!! What a great idea!! How proud you must be of your daughter!

  6. I have just discovered your blog, its beautiful. The bunting is so pretty and cheerful, I love the embroidery you have done on your cushions and the wee cups and saucers picture.
    Just lovely,

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments. I have bought my binding so I'm hoping to get the bunting finished over the weekend.

  7. Such a darling daughter...and, such wonderful sweet treats! How I love your darling bunting! I have yet to make one for myself...But, after seeing your artistic creation...I just may need to start looking through my stash to choose just the right prints for one.
    Thank you for your lovely post, my friend!

  8. Gorgeous bunting, I'm addicted to making it!