Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I picked the first of my Rhubarb this week. 
I love the beautiful pink stalks.
The plants have really put on a lot of growth over the past couple of weeks although as you can see they are starting to bolt. This can happen for various reasons including drought conditions so I have cut down the flowering spikes and will make sure they are kept well watered.
I prepared the Rhubarb and made some into lovely crumble. 
My Broad Beans are doing well (as are the weeds after being left for a few weeks). No sign of blackfly (yet) and plenty of ladybirds so fingers crossed.
The Spinach and Chard are growing fast, recovering well from the snow and frosts. I have been picking this continually since last summer and there seems to be an endless supply. It will probably start to bolt soon but I have another row ready and waiting.
These are some of my Dahlia tubers. I started them into growth in trays of damp compost in my porch a few weeks ago in an attempt to take cuttings and increase the number of plants I have. I've never tried this with Dahlia's before so here goes!
These are the new shoots for cuttings.
Take a sharp knife and cut as close to the tuber as possible leaving a tiny sliver of tuber attached.
Remove the lower leaves.
Insert the cuttings around the edge of a small pot of free draining damp compost (I used John Innes No.1). You can dip them into hormone rooting powder first to aid rooting but I couldn't find mine.
Label and cover with a cut down clear plastic bottle top or a plastic bag and place in a frost free place (like a porch or windowsill) but out of direct sunlight.


  1. Dearest Jacqui, What a lovely post! It is wonderful to see your fantastic and healthy garden! The rhubarb looks lovely and I can imagine how good the crumble was! I have grown chard before and it always did very well. I hope to do a veggie garden again next year, though I may be able to plant a few things now. You have certainly inspired me! So glad you have ladybugs to keep the pests away! Thank you for sharing how to start cuttings for Dahlias. I will have to try that. Have a lovely day my friend! Much love, Paula xo

  2. how wonderful, you have been busy. look at your scrummy rhubarb - i saw some at the market and mmmmm'd n aaaar'd and now wish id picked some up- thinking of crumble makes my mouth water ;0)x

    1. If I lived nearer to you I would trot down with my basket and bring you some of mine!

  3. Hi Jacqui!! Your rhubarb looks beautiful, and your crumble sounds yummy!! You have such a beautiful garden!! xo Heather

  4. Your rhubarb looks wonderful!! I love crumble and strawberry rhubarb pie...mmm. Your garden is lovely :) Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week! xo Holly

    1. Last year I added some spare raspberries to an apple crumble and it was delicious. The flavour of the raspberries seem to intensify when cooked-they were delicious. I shall try adding some strawberries this year-sounds like a tasty combination!