Sunday, 25 March 2012

This week on the Allotment

 I arrived at the allotment in fog again early Friday morning but was cheered by this beautiful display of daffodils on one of the plots.
Aren't they beautiful?
Looking across another very productive plot. I was very lucky to receive lots of lovely fresh strawberries & veg from this plot holder last summer as I was digging and clearing my own plot. Everyone is so helpful, friendly & generous. 
Signs of Spring starting to appear with yellow Polyanthus flowering and plots being cleared for planting. 
 I'm very pleased to say that all of the four fruit trees I planted last month are showing signs of new growth. The old plum tree is already beginning to blossom. I missed this last year as I didn't take my plot on until May. 
 I planted a row of Maris Peer (second early) potatoes. I still have more to go in as well as my Main Crop potatoes but need to do some more digging & weeding first.

I eventually finished planting up my raised bed with strawberry plants. Hopefully I'll be rewarded with a bountiful crop (well at least a few)!
  The Rhubarb has almost doubled in size since last week. It probably appreciated the good downpour we had as well as the lovely warmth & sunshine. My neighbour has now given me her recipe for Rhubarb & Mint Jam so I'm hoping to make some of my own soon.
The forsythia is flowering in the garden. I brought a few branches indoors and put them in a jug as they are so pretty.  Has anyone else noticed the magnificent magnolias flowering this week? They look so lovely. 
Hope you have a great week.


  1. Looks like you've had a great time at the allotment. It's great when you see plants and flowers starting to progress and grow!
    - Becky Xx

  2. Hello sweet Jacqui, your allotment is beautiful and I enjoyed all of the lovely photos! I love to garden too! You have worked hard and accomplished so much! I look forward to seeing more! I am enjoying your lovely blog! Much love, Paula