Saturday, 3 March 2012

Plants for Bees

I ordered a collection of Salvia (Hardy Perennials) this week from Hayloft Plants which I look forward to receiving at the end of April. As you can see from the pictures below the colours are stunning and the bees will hopefully love them. 
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I also bought three roses from Wilkinson along with some dahlia tubers to grow on my allotment for cutting. (All of the roses were reduced in price and most of them seemed to be in good condition). One is a blue hybrid tea rose called 'Blue Ribbon' which looks a very pretty but unusual bluey lilac colour. Also two yellow perfumed roses called 'Parfume de Envy' (bright yellow) and 'Parfume de Day and Night' (yellow with a pinky peach colour to the petal edges).

The dahlias all have open flowers to attract bees and other insects. They will need starting off in boxes of damp compost in April and planting out after the frosts. I'm planning to have a go at propagating from the new shoots to get a few more plants for free.

I'll try very hard not to buy any more plants but like most gardeners I can usually find space for just one more!

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