Monday, 12 March 2012

This week on the Allotment

I wasn't able to spend a lot of time at the allotment last week due to poor weather and other commitments. What time I did have was spent digging and preparing the ground for planting. I'm hoping to transplant my strawberry plants this week from their pots into my large raised bed, plant my early potatoes, plant my remaining fruit bushes and yet more digging. At least the digging helps keep a check on my weight.

In the garden over the weekend I planted up my raised bed with  Beetroot (Boltardy), Lettuce (Lolla Rossa), Spring Onions (White Lisbon), Carrots (Early Nantes), Radish (Long White Icicle) & Parsley seed. My hubby made this for me with recycled hardwood frames when some of our windows needed replacing last year.
In my old butler sink (which I rescued from a skip many years ago) I've planted Coriander. Last year I grew Basil and Spring Onions in here.
Onion Sets
For the allotment I have planted up my Onions Sets (Turbo) and Garlic (Solent White) in modules. Once these start growing I shall transplant them to the allotment. This should prevent the birds digging them up and give them a head start over the weeds which seem to appear overnight on the allotment after a spell of rain!
I hope you have a sunny and enjoyable week ahead.

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  1. I love seeing seeds, onions being planted it makes me so excited at the fact that in a few months times there will be lots of flowers, fruit and vegetables and I think it might be spring!
    - Becky x