Sunday, 4 March 2012

This week on the Allotment

This week on the allotment I've planted two new gooseberry bushes (one green, one red fruit). I inherited two old bushes which need to be moved as they are too close to my plum tree. I pruned them last year as they were totally covered by weeds so I'm hoping they will revive themselves and fruit well this summer. 

I also planted Knapweed (see below) & Marjoram from my garden.
Knapweed (Centaurea)
 Knapweed growing in my garden with Aquilega, Forget-me-nots & Honesty
I've grown this for years. I think my original plant came from my Dads garden. The flower is a beautiful electric blue and the bees love it. It's easy to divide a plant or you can just dig up a section from the edge and replant.

I eventually cut down my Autumn fruiting Raspberry canes (called 'Polka') which I inherited. These also need to be moved as they have been placed in a raised bed which isn't ideal. They may have to stay there this year depending on how much time I have spare.
Before Pruning & Weeding
I finished digging one of my large raised beds in preparation for planting strawberries. It's been covered with carpet over winter to suppress the weeds.
I'm planning to lay a membrane down first and grow the strawberries through this to keep the weeds down and stop the fruit from spoiling in wet weather.
 Strawberry runners I potted up in the Autumn waiting to be planted.
An awful photo but just to show you the birds still visit the feeders even when I sit right beneath the tree drinking my tea.   
My upturned dustbin/compost lid which I fill with water for the birds.
I planted some garlic in the Autumn but it hasn't come up so either it's rotted or been attacked by something (by all accounts there is a nematode that eats through the core of the bulb and kills it!) Anyway, I bought some British Garlic called 'Solent Wight' which hopefully I'll plant next week. The bulbs are grown on the Isle of Wight so I'm pleased to be able to support our British Garlic Farmers. 
In one of my raised beds I'm planning to plant Asparagus. I found a British grown one called 'Connover's Colossal' which is described as a full flavoured old favourite. Hopefully I'll be cutting my own asparagus in a few years time.

There seems to be a lot to do now and not enough time to do it all in! 
At least we've had some rain this weekend which the plants (and the farmers) will be grateful for. Lets hope we see the sunshine back again this week though. 

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  1. Looks like you have been working hard in the allotment! I'm sure you will get lots of tasty crops!
    -Becky x