Friday, 12 February 2016

Cacti Monoprint

I am getting very inspired by my print course. I've been drawing more & getting hooked on monoprints as they are so relaxing & satisfying to do.
This is one of my latest cacti sketches/pen drawings  which I have turned into two separate monoprints.
The first print always takes up more ink which can leave some very interesting textured marks on the paper. I heard this described as background noise this week.
The second print is usually cleaner (below).
I always photograph the inked glass before I wash it clean. The overlapping images create an almost 3D effect & I love the way the ink roller leaves interesting lines on the surface.
I've been practising other forms of monoprinting too as well as drypoint printing which I'll share with you soon.
 Finished print framed & ready for hanging (not quite sure where yet though). 

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  1. Very pretty monoprints. I love how it looks on the glass! x