Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Brighton Pier Monoprint

My daughter visited Brighton Uni back in the Autumn where she is hoping to study Graphic Design. Afterwards we strolled around the Pavillion Gardens which are directly opposite the campus & then took the short walk down to the pier followed by fish & chips (and veggie option for my daughter) to eat on the beach before travelling home. 
I used this photo as inspiration for a monoprint. However it wasn't until I started doing the lettering that I remembered it was going to print in reverse!

An impression had been left in the inked surface though so I photographed that before I had to wash it off. I actually really like the lines left by the roller on the glass & hints of my previous prints coming through. I shall reverse the image & have another go soon.

A painting of the pier on the side of a house that we passed on the way down to the university.

My daughter has submitted her personal statement & has now been asked to submit her portfolio online. Fingers (and everything else crossed) that she gets offered a place.

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  1. Fingers crossed for your daughter it's such a scary and exciting time for them (& us) x