Friday, 19 February 2016

Greenwich Peninsula - Ravensbourne and the Thames River Path

I visited Ravensbourne University yesterday with my daughter who had been invited for an interview and to show her art portfolio. Located on the Greenwich Peninsula right next to the O2 arena it is a beautiful building.
A view looking into the building through one of the many windows.
A view looking out of one of the windows, from the cafe located on the ground floor, towards the O2 arena.
I had a stroll along the Thames river path which is just behind the uni whilst she was being interviewed, This photo is taken just below the cable car which takes you to the north side of the river. Another thing on my to do list!
So much has changed along the river front over the past decades but there are still glimpses of the past which I just love.
Heartbreak Hotel on the Jetty. From what I can gather online this is now used as an arts venue. Unfortunately there was no access to the jetty itself.
Lots of new properties being built on both banks of the river. Probably way beyond the affordability of most Londoners though.
My daughter's interview went very well so we popped into the O2 afterwards for coffee & a celebratory lunch. Lots of hard work but first interview done & dusted. So very proud of her.
I did manage to sneak onto the foreshore to satisfy my passion for collecting. It also helped to take my mind off the interview for a little while (that's my excuse anyway). I hope there are other people out there who get just as excited (and I mean EXCITED) as me about river/beach combing? I just love holding pieces of glass & shards sherds of pottery in my hands that have been tumbled smooth by the water and imagining the history behind each piece. These pieces shall be added to my existing pieces along with my driftwood and all of my other fascinating finds......
I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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  1. Really nice bits of pottery and glass Jacqui. I know a place where they used to dump all the rubbish before and during war.Maybe start a dig.A little overgrown now but nobody else been there.