Saturday, 1 February 2014

Goodbye Holly

 My brother and sister-in laws dog returned home yesterday after 6 months with us.
It feels very strange not seeing her in her basket this morning.
She came to us in July when two of my nephews were admitted to 
Great Ormond Street Hospital for bone marrow transplants.
They are both doing very well after many months in hospital and were so excited about Holly returning home yesterday.
She is 8 years old and a mix of Staff and Jack Russell and loves sitting in the sun.
I have always been quite nervous of dogs as I had several bad experiences with them as a child but walking Holly has made me much more confident with them now.
After one of our many wet and muddy walks! 
My brother said I was spoiling her.
Unwrapping presents at Christmas and hogging the fan heater.
She did make us laugh a lot.
Although I'll miss her I'm so happy that my nephews are well enough for her to return home and that they are a complete family again. I'll be borrowing her in the future though for some long, country walks....I might just wait until the rain stops first!

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  1. Thought I could see Staffordshire there, ours was full staff and a lovelier dog you couldn't find. Husband still wells up when he thinks of him.