Thursday, 6 February 2014

A Stroll Around The Allotment

I managed to get down to my allotment on Monday for  a few hours. I still have more digging and weeding to do before the new growing season begins but with the wettest January on record it's been slow going.
The high winds over the past few months have partly taken the felting off both the sheds so the rain is coming in. Relatively trivial though compared to the flooding in the south west and other parts of the country.
The weeds are still growing strong because it's been relatively mild in the south east of England but I'm still picking Curly Kale, Cabbage, Spinach & Chard and at home I have Squash & Potatoes as well as fruit and veg in the freezer from the summer.


  1. There's nothing quite like the feeling of satisfaction you get from picking your own home grown fruit and veg. You have an impressive winter veg garden! We've fallen off the wagon a bit with veggie growing this last year, so only a few straggly bits of curly kale and spinach here.

  2. Looks nice and tidy Jacqui.

    1. In parts it is. I just don't show you the parts that are untidy! It's not too bad but I would like to get on top of the digging and weeding soon.

  3. What a fabulous allotment. I'm just a tad green with envy. It sounds like I will love your wares as I'm eating heaps of spinach, kale and chard at the moment. Thanks for popping over to my blog it is always lovely to see some new blogs. Enjoy your week xoxo

  4. Hi Jacqui. Hope you will be able to fix up the allotment with not too much trouble. The veggies look amazing. I would love to sit down at your table sometime!..Happy Weekend..Judy

  5. I'd love an allotment but dont have time yet. I cant imagine doing any planting at all this year. Our back garden is a WIP!!!!