Friday, 6 July 2012

Sweetpeas from the Allotment

I visited my allotment on Thursday for the first time in a few weeks and picked my first bunch of sweetly scented sweetpeas. I love them!
I also picked some rhubarb.
 The courgettes have grown so much they are beginning to dwarf the lettuce which I planted as an intercrop. I think the deep soil and fresh compost has helped as well as the layer of wet newspaper I added to help suppress the weeds. 
Some growers plant their pumpkins straight into the top of their compost heaps, like this one, with great results. Make sure the compost is well rotted though - don't plant into fresh manure.
I picked my first three baby courgettes of the season. When they are this small and fresh they are lovely sliced and eaten raw.
My beetroot and lettuce are also growing well in a raised bed although not ready to pick yet.
 My willing helper(!) cleared the onions in this patch for me and helped plant some dwarf beans. My first two sowings rotted due to the cold, wet weather so I shall have to plant some more to get enough to freeze.
 The Feverfew was looking very pretty. This is the single flowered variety.
The one at the back is a double flowered variety which self seeded last year along with the Sisyrinchium in the centre.
 Everywhere I looked there were beautiful self seeded poppies in all sizes and colours. These were growing on the old onion patch.

Thank you for all your lovely comments and I hope everyone has a lovely weekend with not too much rain. At least I don't have to water the allotment!

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  1. What beautiful flowers, and yummy zucchini! Enjoy your weekend!! xo Heather