Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Charity Shop Finds

Some recent finds....
 A sugar shaker (possibly Jersey Pottery but the mark is unclear),
a glass jar with lid for storing odds and ends, 
a book with lots of scrumptious ideas for afternoon teas...I might just have to make some scones this weekend! 
A cross stitch book full of simple, quick designs which would be lovely to make into button covers of brooches. 
 A 'Vulcan Ware' vase. The pattern on the vase is a little unusual but it appeals to me and I love the pink glaze on the interior.
 A really pretty 'everlasting' calender which I've put up on my mantlepiece,
an old needlework box... 
 and some sewing bits and bobs. The pincushion on top of the box is in the shape of a crown with a tape measure at the base. There is a missing 'jewel' in the centre which I think may have been a thimble.

A wooden sign with a peg to hang up a pretty picture or note, 
a cross stitched tablecloth, 
and lots of doilies. 
I've been collecting these for a while now to make some bunting which I started recently.  

Two 'Portmerion' storage jars with wooden lids... 
and three pretty dresses for fabric.
Lots to keep me busy!


  1. Hi Jacqui: I went looking for you as I thought I must have missed some, it's been so busy around here, and there you just popped up. Good timing. I've been thinking about you and hope you are doing well. It looks like you have picked up enough to keep you busy for awhile. I love the dresser scarf ? that you have your treasures displayed on. So pretty. Hope you find some good scone recipes from your new book. Let me know..Happy Wednesday..Judy

    1. Hi Judy. I'm doing well thankyou. Still sore and stiff after the second op but improving each day. Luckily it looks as though the cancer hasn't spread and I should get my results this Friday to find out if I'm having chemo or radiotherapy. Hopefully no more ops! The pretty embroidered table runner was a present from my lovely sister who visited a few weeks back. It's so pretty I don't know how she parted with it! The embroidery is so pretty.

  2. Hello Jacqui
    You have found some lovely things, I think you are going to be a busy bee !
    Thea x

  3. Hi Jacqui! What beautiful finds! Love all the gorgeous doilies! The cross stitch book looks fun!! Enjoy the rest of the week! xo Heather

  4. What lovely vintage & crafty shopping finds - my favourite is the calendar. K.

  5. Wow you did well, there hasn't been much here of late boot fair wise or charity shops!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. So many pretty finds! I especially love the sewing basket and the pretty stitched tablecloth. I adore embroidered linens!

  7. Hi Jacquie.You have some lovely pictures on your blog sidebar that caught my eye! I loved the cottage pic at Runswick bay and we are going on holiday to runswick bay in september. I love these charity shop finds too.