Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Thrifty Finds

It's official. 
I'm addicted. 
I try to walk past but I just can't stop myself from walking in.
I just never know what might be waiting for me.
 Of course I'm talking about.......charity shops
I think rummaging is in my blood. 
Obviously I blame my Mum & Dad. 
All those early morning visits to Petticoat Lane Antiques Market on Sundays when we were kids. 
My brother tagged along for the lure of hot sarsaparilla when we finished. 
I'm sure my hubby & son despair when I enthuse about my latest finds. 
Luckily my daughters understand. 
They both know how to spot a treasure
DNA passed on from nanny & grandad no doubt! 
Anyway, enough time-wasting........ let me share a few of my latest gems!

Buttons & Pink Binding
Vintage Embroidered Linen
How pretty is this?
The cross stitch is so diminutive
A thrifty neck scarf by Next. The design is so pretty. It reminds me of far away places. 

A clear glass vintage dish (about 5" high).
Ideal for bonbons or pretty trinkets
A set of seven vintage (1950's) Alfred Meakin 'Sunflower' side plates
One of the plates has the sunflower motif on the back
I don't want to be cured! 

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