Saturday, 28 January 2012

Vintage Embroidery

I've collected some lovely pieces of vintage embroidery over the years from boot sales, charity shops and craft fairs, some of which I use and others I keep in my fabric cabinet because the stitching is just so beautiful to look at. I'm always looking for new ideas to up-cycle vintage embroidery pieces into new craft pieces so if you have any ideas please let me know.

Covered buttons I made using two tiny vintage embroidered flowers from the corners of a chair-back cover.

Decorative hanging hearts I made from sections of embroidered vintage fabrics.
A beautiful example of vintage embroidery found on Aren't the colours exquisite? I particularly love the blue cornflowers & larkspur.

A beautiful tote bag incorporating vintage embroidery pieces by Suzy Spence. Suzy also incorporates vintage pattern packaging into her bags which looks amazing.

Vintage embroidered cushion found on
Large image

Pretty Vintage Embroidered Pin Cushion

Bird Bag
Vintage Teapot Holder Pattern
Cup & Saucer Pattern
This is so lovely. I'd like to stitch several of these and use them as part of a patchwork cushion


  1. What lovely inspirational embroidery photos. I especially love your embroidered hearts and buttons. They are so cute. Maybe you could use your embroidered cloths to make a patchwork bag or cushion. It would look lovely!
    -Becky X

  2. That is gorgeous! The hand embroidery is such a lovely little touch :)

  3. Really impressive. I'm always inspired my embroidery but feel that I may lack the patience to apply myself properly. I love your colour combinations.

  4. I never knew that it depended on the number of stitches one got. I just assumed that it was so much per image that was placed on the garment. Guess you learn something new each day.

  5. That is gorgeous! The hand embroidery is such a lovely little touch :)