Saturday, 7 January 2012

50 Today!

I'm celebrating my 50th Birthday today by publishing my first post! Or as the card from my friend reads "you're not 50 you're eighteen with 32 years experience". One of my favourite creative cards was from my very artistic daughter who made me a beautiful appliqué & machine stitched card which I'm planning to frame and hang on my wall for everyone to admire.

My interests include anything handmade and creative - I love making items from recycled fabric, sewing, visiting charity shops, baking and gardening. I acquired an allotment last year which I'm planning to feature on my blog including recipes from the produce I grow and pick. I also love recycling old furniture and have quite a few projects planned for this year which I hope to share with you.

Look forward to lots of creative posts. 

1 comment:

  1. Happy belated 50th birthday dear Jacqui! I am so happy you began your lovely blog! I love what the card says that your friend gave you! That is wonderful! I am 42 and I still feel so young! We have much in common and I look forward to all of your wonderful and inspiring posts! Much love and best wishes, Paula