Saturday, 21 January 2012

Seed Potatoes & Kaffe Fassett

I saw this beautiful painting 'Watering Cans' by Kaffe Fassett ( and thought it was rather appropriate for today's post as I've been busy preparing my seed potatoes for my allotment. As they are early varieties (first and second earlies) they need 'chitting' to start them into growth before they are planted. I've placed the tubers (seed potatoes) in seed trays and egg boxes with the bud ends (or potato eyes) facing uppermost.

Chitting Early Potatoes
The trays need to be placed in good light (not direct sunlight), in a cool, frost free place - mine are in the porch. When the shoots are about 2.5cm long and the weather is suitable (March/April) they will be ready for planting. I'm growing Pentland Javelin, Swift (both first earlies) & Maris Peer (second early). I haven't got my Maincrop potatoes yet but these will not need chitting. 
This painting as well as the lino cut 'Planting Out' by Clare Curtis below have inspired me to take more photos on my allotment this year as inspiration for art & craft projects.

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