Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Thrifty Finds

I found this adorable little china owl moneybox recently in a charity shop for 50p. I think it's probably 1950's but not sure. 
Behind the owl is one of my favorite antique books which I picked up years ago from a boot sale.
I just love the cover illustration showing daisies with their delicate pink tipped petals. It's title is 'Flowers' and it's from the 'Shown to the Children' series of books. Not sure when it was published but a similar one on the seashore I have seen is dated 1910.
 An illustration from the book showing Greater Stichwort.
 I was given these two lovely craft books when I was in my teens by a neighbour who was a retired school teacher. She knew I had an interest in art and I love looking at the illustrations.
 Both were issued by the Board of Education. The 'Simple Pictorial Illustration' was published in 1912 and 'A Guide to School Handicrafts' is a second edition published in 1923.
 I love this colour illustration. 
 Wood block designs.

I picked this book up yesterday on jams and preserves in the charity shop for £2. 
 I was particularly interested in some of the more unusual recipes which I have not come across before like this 'Tomato and Pineapple Jam'.  I'll let you know how it turns out when I give it a try.
I treated myself to toast and homemade apple and raspberry jam this morning instead of my usual porridge. One of my favorite homemade jams though is a lovely sharp blackcurrant that I made in the summer when my bushes on my allotment fruited for the first time. Something very satisfying about growing your own produce and preserving it. 
Back to healthy porridge tomorrow!


  1. Love the Owl moneybox! Cath Kidston had a nice one last season, but vintage is much more interesting. Old gardening and nature books are so wonderful - and all of the books you share are lovely. Off now to eat some toast and jam. x

  2. Love the money box
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. You are a wise owl in many ways

  4. I love those old 'Board of Education' books! Thank you for visiting my blog. I don't get much time to blog,nowadays, but yours is a real treat to read! ;-)