Friday, 10 January 2014

Frosty Oak Leaves

I went on a lovely long walk in the woods again this morning.
Still very muddy from all the rain we've had but it was lovely to see the sunrise.

Saw these pretty frosted oak leaves glistening in the sun.
Beautiful long shadows cast over the heath. 
I even managed to get in the garden today to sweep up leaves and begin to tidy up a little and had my lunch sitting in the sun.
Hopefully if the weather stays dry I can get down to my allotment over the next few days and start some digging.
Hope everyone has a good weekend. 


  1. Haven't seen a frost yet!

  2. Beautiful images, lovely sunrise :)
    - Becky x

  3. It is so special to be there when the sunrises
    Thea x

  4. Just seeing sunshine raises the spirits.......lovely pictures.xx

  5. Ma and Pa
    Nice pictures Jacqui.
    Lovely sunny day here in Madeira.xxxx