Thursday, 13 February 2014

Laura Ashley Cups and Saucers

I found these lovely hand-painted Laura Ashley flower cups and saucers in the charity shop last week.
The colours were so perfect I just couldn't resist them!
 I also found the pretty vintage hand embroidered tray cloth and table cloth.
 As you can probably imagine I was over the moon when I found this exquisite vintage hand embroidered picture. It had been pushed right to the back of a box of old picture frames (lucky for me). It was quite hard to get to so I nearly didn't bother. So glad I did.
 Isn't it beautiful?
 I can just imagine the hours of work that has gone into it and as a gardener I love trying to identify all the different flowers.
 The yellow Mimosa is lovely and reminds me of home as my Mum and Dad used to grow one in our bathroom. I loved the little yellow pom pom flowers and the leaves that used to close when you touched them.
 Last but not least this 1950's hand- painted plate (the date stamp is 1953). Again I just couldn't resist the colours and design. Hard to believe it is already 60 years old!
We've had a little break in the rain this afternoon and the sun is out. It makes such a difference but we have more bad weather on the way! Just got to make the best of it when you can.


  1. Wow! You bagged some great finds there Jacqui. I cant understand why some things are given away. Good job they are so that we can bag them though!

  2. Oh, beautiful embroidery! So wonderful to find that! The flower cups and saucers are so sweet! Have a lovely day! xo Heather

  3. I love all, but especially the embroided frame.
    I am going treasure hunting tomorrow morning, we will see what treasure I can find.
    Good week end.

  4. What lovely finds! I have not been doing too much thrifting lately but you have given me inspiration!

  5. Oh those Laura Ashely flower tea cups are beautiful! I have never seen them. I love the shapes, colors and the handle! The needlework too is really wonderful. I too, love finding treasure like this! The plates style and coloring really do say "1953"! Great find!