Friday, 18 April 2014

Swedish Blue Part Two

Remember I showed you these a few weeks ago? My old pine bedside cabinet and toybox. Well between eldest daughter visiting from uni and a few nice days out I managed to get them finished.
My bedside cabinet now looks like this.
  I painted the drawer knobs and decorated them with small butterflies cut from wrapping paper. I applied the cutouts with pva glue and then coated them in another layer of pva to protect them.
 This is the toybox which will go between my wardrobes for extra storage.
 The pretty bird cushion was a present from my lovely sister when she last visited.
I'm looking forward to seeing her again tomorrow when we visit the Royal Albert Hall to see James Blunt in concert. We're starting off with a meal in the new Italian restaurant 'Verdi' that opened a few days ago. Should be fun. 


  1. Both pieces are so beautiful and love your gorgeous blanket and vintage books!! Have a wonderful time with your sister and Happy Easter! xo Heather

  2. Jacqui, I spotted your tea cozy house and had to visit. I LOVE your blog and just joined to introduce myself to you. I see we have a few common interests too, like gardening and sewing. Love that fabric with the birds and cages on the rectangular pillow at the bottom of today's are so creative like many of the bloggers I've met already. Hope you'll visit me at

  3. gorgeous! I love the duck egg colour and the vintage old book and flower display! - Becky x

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  6. They are both gorgeous...I love the colour you have used, just perfect.
    Marianne x