Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Lupins, Tomatoes, Dahlias and Raspberries

I've been busy on the allotment the past few weeks digging, weeding, laying new barkchip on the paths, under the plum tree and around my fruit bushes and generally tidying up. I'm also digging out my large compost bin which has been left brewing for a few years. It has produced some lovely compost which I've used to top up my raised beds and mulch my fruit with.
I started some Lupin seeds off last year at home and the warmth has started them back into growth. I haven't grown these for a few years so looking forward to their beautiful colours. Might be able to squeeze a few in the garden but if not I'll grow them on the allotment for cutting.
My tomato seedlings 'Roma VF' and 'Marmande' are doing well (indoors) and now need potting on. This is when I start to run out of windowsill space! Unfortunately my cherry tomatoes haven't germinated so I'll have to buy some new seed. 
I'm also trying two new Dahlias this year as cutting flowers which have beautiful dark blooms. 
A decorative Dahlia 'Arabian Night' with fully-double flowerheads of dark burgundy-red and 'Pompon, Natel' which has a very dark red (almost black) flower.
Could look good in a vase with orange and pink flowers maybe?
I also bought some new summer fruiting Raspberry canes yesterday for the allotment - 'Glen Ample' which have been given the RHS prestigious Award of Garden Merit (AGM) so I'm expecting a great crop (well maybe not this year). I've been meaning to invest in some new canes the last few years but never seem to get around to it. Just need to build a support structure now!
Cooling down here in the south after our heatwave the past week.
Hope you all have an enjoyable week.


  1. Jacqui your allotment is coming on a treat. Iam so envious. Would love one but sadly I wouldn't have time at the moment. Some good friends are semi retired and they have one and think it's the best thing ever x

    1. It is lovely having an allotment. I've made a lot of friends and everyone is so helpful. It is hard work though especially as I have a full plot on my own and keeping on top of the weeding is difficult. I really enjoy it but it's much harder than gardening at home. I usually end up down there for the day and come back absolutely shattered but in a good sort of way!

  2. Looking forward to seeing it all bloom! Raspberries will be wonderful! Have a wonderful week! xo Heather

  3. Hi Jacqui,

    It's so much fun reading about your allotment garden and to see what you have already done! I think I will follow your example and spread the compost of my compost heap over my garden as well. It will do it good!

    Love the Dahlia's you chose! I left them in the ground, so hopefully they will come back again. Your lupin cuttings look promising!

    Have a lovely evening!

    Madelief x

  4. Your garden is really shaping up. The weather here is far from ready too start gardening, so I'll just be enjoying your's while I dream of warmer days.
    Happy Spring!
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  5. Loved seeing all your gardening, very inspiring to see things growing so well! I must get on with weeding and composting too! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Helen xox