Saturday, 23 November 2013

Autumn Woodland Walk

Hi everyone.
I hope you're still out there?
 I know it's been SO long since I last blogged (over a year in fact) but I have been through some major life changes and I've just started to get back to some normality again (whatever that might be).

I went on a lovely woodland walk a few weeks ago and had to share these photos of beautiful fungi I saw. 
Poisonous but very beautiful!
Inspiration for another hoop embroidery maybe?

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.


  1. How lovely to see you back.......hope all is well with you, I've been popping in now and again and now here you are!! Thank you for your comment on my blog. xxx

  2. They are beautiful toadstools. I have never seen any quite like that. Nice to have you back on the blog scene.

  3. Hello Jacqui
    How lovely to hear from you..Those fungi are stunning, I can just imagine the fairies living there...Stay Warm
    Thea xx

  4. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is lovely! I don't get much time to blog, nowadays, but I've enjoyed reading your recent blog posts!! Have fun ;-) xxx

  5. What amazing colours nature presents us. Simply beautiful.Thank you for sharing.

  6. Welcome back.
    Your photos here are amazing. I think they are beautiful too, and definitely worth capturing and sharing.

  7. Hi Jacquie, I m so glad your back too, what fantastic funghi,magical place. Hugs,xxx

  8. Lovely forest pictures, love the mushrooms, not to eat!