Tuesday, 21 August 2012

'The Lanes' in Brighton

After our visit to the Pier and Pavilion in Brighton a few weeks ago we wandered through the interesting back lanes in the old part of town. This pretty vintage style dress caught my eye in the window of a lovely little shop called 'Dolly Dagger'.

There were pretty hanging baskets and colourful bunting everywhere,
lots of small coffee shops and restaurants,
a replica of the Imperial Crown in the window of a jewellers shop
and shelves lined with pretty jars of traditional sweets.
Lots of scrumptious homemade cakes in the 'Angel Food Bakery' where we stopped for coffee.
pretty strawberry topped cupcakes,
a contemporary wedding cake and the biggest chocolate cake ever!
Blue skies and sunshine...
and traditional fish and chips on the seafront.
Beautiful timbered buildings,
imposing doorways
and plenty of interesting shops to browse.
'England At Home' had some pretty floral items.
Traditional pubs
and small cottages.
A beautiful reclaimed funfair sign above an art gallery which looks like it may have come from the pier originally.

I was a little disappointed as I didn't come across any antique and collectors shops. It wasn't until I was chatting on the coach home that I found out that these are located in the North Lanes which we didn't get to. Never mind....a good excuse for a return visit!


  1. These are all so lovely. I am so glad you took us along for the trip. That dress is just dreamy..smiles..Renee

  2. So beautiful, and I just love the lampshades!! Such a neat idea! Thanks for taking us along on a lovely trip! xo Heather

  3. Hello Jacqui
    I haven't been to Brighton for years, It looks stunning, and the Pavilion in the previous post such an intricate building.
    I hope you have a better week I think the weather is changing today.
    Thea x

  4. Hi Jacquie,Oh how I adore Brighton,We havent been for a couple of years,but were only talking the other day about how We must go back soon. Lovely pictures,thanks for sharing,julieXxx

  5. What a lovely collections of photos, my in-laws live very close to Brighton and we try to go there whenever we visit. Never realised how pretty it is until I looked at it through your eyes… will definitely be searching out that coffee shop for a whopping slice of that chocolate cake!