Friday, 8 June 2012

Flowering Allotment

It's surprising how many flowers are at the allotment. When I visit I try to spend the first 10 minutes or so having a cup of tea, having a little wander and taking a few photos before the hard work of digging and weeding begins. Although there are always a few people around it is such a peaceful time especially if I have been up early and rushing around beforehand. 
 The foxgloves I started from seed last year have started to flower.
 This variety is called 'Pam's Choice' and is white with a pretty dark crimson throat.
Some of my other Pinks are also now flowering and add a lovely splash of colour to the plot.
 On my wanders I found pretty blue Cornflowers,
 yellow and deep orange Californian Poppies and Marigolds,

 a double Poppy (I think it's called a Paeony Double Poppy),
 Blackberry blossom,
 Red Hot Pokers and single Poppies 
and this pretty rose bush on the plot next to me.
It's smothered in buds and flowered for months last year.
 This week I planted more tomato plants, potatoes (a bit late) and my beetroot seedlings.
 In between the beetroot and courgettes I planted lettuce seedlings. 
Unfortunately, my first lettuce seedlings at home got eaten by slugs and snails. They've also eaten a whole row of Coriander plants which I grew from seed and totally stripped the leaves off one of my Dahlia plants last night so I was not very happy!
  I have used beer traps at home (as I don't like using slug pellets) but they don't seem to have been very successful this year. I've resorted instead to collecting them early in the morning and putting them in a bucket of salty water! My Dad suggested I put slug pellets under a plate slightly lifted on one side so the birds don't eat the dead slugs.
 If anyone has any useful tips I'd be glad to hear of them as I would like to plant my Dahlias out at the weekend and for them to still be there the following morning!


  1. Hi Jacqui, I just love your Californian Poppies and Cornflowers - remember my pots - they are growing well, but no flowers yet, but they were put in rather late!

    Also, I am having problems with my blog - I'm not able to write any new posts - I just keep getting a blank screen - so annoying as I am wanting to advertise my next Fair at Great Addington. Have you ever experienced this problem with blogspot? I go to help support, but it is really no help. HELP!

    1. The flowers in the pots will soon catch up IF we get some SUN!
      I haven't experienced this blog problem before but will ask my daughter Becky (the technical one) and get back to you.

    2. Hi Jacqui

      Thank you so much for your reply. I have used Google Chrome now and have managed to write a new post - I asked questions on the Google Group and someone came back to me, so I hope things will be OK now, but thank you and please thank your daughter for me. Ruth

  2. Dear Jacqui, I am always delighted to visit your allotment and see what is blooming. You are a wonderful gardener and always inspire me so much! I can see it is a peaceful place to be, though I know you work hard keeping the weeds out, but there is peace to be found in that as well. I find gardening to be very good stress reliever! Your flowers are so pretty and cheerful. I especially love the foxgloves, pinks and cornflowers, are they also known as bachelor buttons? I have grown them from seed in my garden before, and they did very well. I wish I would have remembered to plant some this year. The double poppy is really stunning and all of your veggies look fantastic. I am sorry to hear the slugs have been terrorizing your plants! I do hope you can get rid of them. I hope your weekend is lovely sweet friend! Much love, Paula xo

  3. Well you have been working hard, the flowers are beautiful, the slugs are very pesky this year with all that rain , I must admit I do resort to the blue pellets in the end (the last resort) but I have found grit work sometimes.
    Thea x

  4. All the flowers and blackberries are just beautiful! It does look like a peaceful place. (minus the annoying slugs.)

  5. Loving your wildflower!! As a California girl, I love the poppies!! My mom used to put a saucer of beer in her garden, and the slugs seemed to be drawn to it...they would drink the beer and well you know the rest...